About HELI•E

HELI•E SL. is a high-tech drone startup based in Andorra. Founded as an R&D project in February 2017, we dedicated ourselves to creating small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for autonomous industrial inspections.

Within a mere 2.5 years we have already achieved:

Today HELIE is not only a developer but also a manufacturer and integrator of UAS solutions, serving European companies from its office in Andorra la Vella (Andorra).

Just another fast-growing startup with a so-called «best-in-class» drone?
No! HELI•E is about a complete rethinking of the drone concept.

First, our drones are helicopters that provide longer flight time and a higher payload capacity than any multicopter in the same weight class (under 25 kg, or 55 lb).

Second, the helicopters are all-electric or hybrid machines with optimal construction, hence more attractive in price, maintenance cost, and more environmentally friendly.

Third, HELI•E drones have redundancy in their DNA as they were designed for fully autonomous missions.

Our mission was never just about the best-in-class drone.

We aimed to create a new class of product first and then become the best in it. A small drone could be powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use tool that is accessible for wide-scale use. This combination gives us the chance to eliminate the human element from risky missions and tasks and find solutions where the potential of technology has been limited before.

HELI•E’s beliefs

We believe in the power of engineering solutions and innovations.
We’ve chosen the less popular helicopter concept, but it has made it possible to accomplish the most challenging tasks. If anything seems unfeasible, we just choose another route.

We are certain that a unique knowledge base and experience could be generated within the company.
We’ve assembled a team of top-class experts to do full-cycle development:
from the idea to the production version,
from the manufacture of parts for the helicopter airframe to the development of the autopilot and software for data processing.

We recognize the value of human life and know that human resources have limits.
We do our best in autonomy development to eliminate the human factor. We set affordable prices so that our drones could create new opportunities for as many companies and organizations as possible.

We know the high value of timely information and the importance of time in an emergency. We’ve designed our drones as powerful, professional machines for safe operations.

We believe we can change the future, and we’ve already started. We haven't tried to sell a dream promoting futuristic renders, but, instead, we’ve been working diligently on Heli-E UAS that is ready to work now.